Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy times!

The wedding is finally over and though there is a tinge of sadness that such a beautiful time cannot be prolonged, G and I are also rather relieved because we finally have lots of time to sit around and do nothing much.

Even with me not having very high expectations nor planning anything spectacular for the wedding, things like guest lists were still driving both of us mad so we basically did whatever we wanted during these past few days and honeymoon will be in March, we are hoping to go during our birthdays :)

Stealing time for coffee at Forty Hands a day before the wedding.
I had my long black while he had his flat white.
It was our first time there and most likely the last because the coffee there tasted quite ordinary actually.

The afternoon before we checked into the hotel, I busied myself with some strawberries and a very sweet chocolate pudding.

Fast forward to the next afternoon in the hotel where we ordered room service.
I love room services because you basically rest and relax in your bathrobe while food is served to you.

I had lobster sandwich with French onion soup while G went for hainanese chicken Rice and Tom yam soup.

Before the march in, I was hanging out in my room with beeling, having some snacks and a champagne!
I can have champagne everyday and not get sick of it because it's such a happy drink. It reminds me of happiness :) i love how it makes you tipsy in a bubbly, happy way. Does this makes sense to you?

A little note left on the bed by the hotel. Makes perfect sense. Sleep in the night.

The next morning, we managed to wake up in time for the hotel breakfast.
Hotel breakfast is a great way to spend your morning.
Coffee smell in the air, lots of fruits and food choices.
A beautiful surrounding with Xmas songs playing in the air, a new husband..... It was so good.

Met up with G's dad's friends who flew down fr Cambodia and USA for the wedding.
We tried the scallop salad at high society and it was soooo good!

G and M.

S and K popped by during Xmas eve for mj.
Yup, I spent my Xmas playing mj and feasting on crabs and champagne again!

Before the movie session. it's been a while :)
That's what being together should be about, relaxed and not fussing over details.
Ah.... Blessed and blissed out.

My new hello kitty phone case!

Goodnight sweet dreams and God bless us all with yet another awesome week ahead !! :)