Monday, December 5, 2011

Make me up

Christmas always makes me feel like spending all my money because the world feels a little more whimsical and everything looks extra pretty.

So. I try to get my hands on all the pretty, sparkly stuff which only becomes available during this season.

Till date, I've gotten myself 3 sparkly tops. All of which I love to death! It's only during Xmas that you can walk around like a lightbulb and people won't find it that strange so best to make the most out of your situations.
Wear the sparkly tops!

The lovely palette I got today.

It even has a tutorial to guide you on the different looks that you can go for. Brilliant!

Urban decay and Nars are one of my fondest memories of makeup from sephora.
Used to love smash box too but grew out of it since a while ago.
For Nars, it's that insanely glittery blusher ( orgasm ) and for urban decay, it's their eyeshadows.
Pigments resembles those from Dior and Chanel.

The naked palette is still not available but Naked 2 is already out in the states. Excited!