Monday, November 28, 2011


G left for USA again yesterday morning and it will be Monday again tomorrow.
Weekend always fly past too soon.

On Saturday , I finally got the jiemei's dress all settled. Followed by coffee with S n W and then a further meet up with the musician S.
Spent the night alone at home and today, I had a good sleep, all the way till noon, took my time to potter about the house before leaving again to shop for the dinner gown with my mum n my sis.

Decided to come back to pasir ris to spend some more alone time.

I think 'me time' is a very important and precious moment that everyone should have.
Even when G is in sg, I always try to sneak my own 'me time' out.
Be it watching the recorded shows on my own, reading my books, just surfing the net, drinking my coffee, making a salad and then enjoying it slowly while he goes to work, it's very therapeutic and it's essential to keep me happy.

I miss having him around the house but I also enjoy being alone and not necessarily doing anything at all.
Until he's back again to annoy me, I shall do what I do best. Which is , pottering around and not necessarily getting anything done.

Work days are too hectic. Weekends should be like this :) having tea with your loved ones, spending time with them
And then with yourself.
I don't remember loving to be alone as much as now.
Might be an age thing. Maybe I don't need to prove anything anymore and when you are with yourself, you don't have to explain , you don't have to listen to things which you don't want to. It refreshes the spirit magically ;)

May God bless me n G n everyone with a beautiful week ahead.