Thursday, October 13, 2011

White shirts for two

It's been a strange day.
I took leave today for our pre-wedding casual shoot and was getting really excited about it.

The makeup artist arrived at 9.30 and by 10.30, we were all set to begin our phototaking session.

We bought these last night to be used as props for our photosession and they tastes sooooo good!

Our first set of clothes was the both of us in white shirts and white shorts. Someone commented that he felt like a PAP member. That was the furthest thing on my mind.... Because I'm generally , not a very political person on a usual day and am even more an unpolitical person on such an exciting day.

The photographer wasn't feeling so well today and was taking our pics while nursing a fever and he ended up feeling so bad that he vomited and we ended up postponing the shoot to another day.

It wasn't so bad at all because we had fun and an unexpected restful day, which explains my happy mood now :)

Some pictures to share and I'm really looking forward to the next session and our beautiful ( hopefully ) pictures.

These were taken by G while I took the solo shots.
Ps: I think he felt pretty left out as I ended up with many more solo shots than him but well, I guess it's normal that brides always have more pictures.