Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cards done

We finally got ourselves down for the design of the invitation cards.
It hasn't been an easy task at all, considering how lazy both of us are and not surprisingly, once we got that done, it feels like we got almost everything done.
Except the sitting arrangement which someone is still nonchalant about.
Not sure how his friends will end up sitting. I hope they are an independent bunch who does not really have to sit with friends because at this rate that someone is going, no one is going to end up sitting with anyone they know.

So, back at the shop, everything was a little chaotic
We got there just 30 minutes before they close for the day and it seems like 15 other couples had the same idea as us so we all stood around looking lost for a while.
It was quickly our turn as I managed to catch the attention of one of the busy bee and it was quite a bit of deliberation over whether to print our monogram onto the front of the card or not.

In the end, both of us agreed to Print it on the inside of the card in matte gold.

The final version will only be sent to us in a few days time and it will be another 2 weeks for the print job to be completed.

Here's a look at our monogram.

And me being a little obsessed Over little Victorian details, have decided to seal as many invites As I can using the wax seal.

The card will be in dark blue while the envelope is going to be in a dark silver colour so adding this bright red wax seal will hopefully add a nice pop of colour to it.

At this moment, both the sales lady and someone thinks that I'm
Not going to succeed.
Well, I'll do my best and get as many of those out as I can.

As for the rest of them..... I'll just seal it with a kiss :)