Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pre wedding photos

We had our pre wedding photo shoot today and it wasn't as tiring as what many had warned us about.

We think alot has to do with the fact that we only went to 1 outdoor location - punggol for the lalangs.
In time to come, that place is going to be turned into hdb flats.
Some parts of it are already building the earlier blocks.

The first part , which is really about 3/4 of the shoot was held at the studio which has just about the most incredible studio one can offer and I am sure the photos taken there are going to turn out so awesome i might end up buying all of them.

We brought the balloons , bouquet of white roses and our own Eustoma ( which was meant for the hair ) back and displayed them in small vases while they still last.

I used 5 of the 17 stalks of roses and 5 of the Eustomas.

The roses looked awesome anyhow while the Eustoma is most likely going to look better in the hair .