Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Felt like cooking again today.
Sometimes, when work gets too stressful, I prefer to eat out. Have a good meal and forget about everything.

Other times, when work gets stressful again, I cook to de-stress. It's very therapeutic.
I know that sounds weird but it's just fun watching the raw ingredients turn into something you want them to be.

I also like G to eat home cooked food because cooking is my love language.

I'm hopeless at cleaning things up or being organized so I will never be good enough in that aspect.
I'd rather leave it to the professionals. ( maid )

Stir fry prawns

Steamed cod fish

Oyster mushroom with Kailan in oyster sauce.

Finished dinner ten minutes before 9 and am just in time to catch the 9pm show.
Loves ~~~~