Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I had the urge to cook some bah kut tea for us today and rushed back from work to do that.
Ok, I did not exactly rush back but I did cut back all those walking around aimlessly at tampinese mall. Ha!

Tried the rice cooker for the first time today, used the traditional method of measuring the water level using the pinky and my rice turned out really runny. That was quite bleah.
Other than that little accident, it is nice having a rice cooker that chimes and I love all those digital options on it! ( suaku )

Also tried my tanyu pot today. It's so bright and cheery with it's blue cover.
My favorite thing about it is how easy it cleans.

The thing about cooking meat is remembering to blanch it.
It removes all the disgusting bits present in the bones and meat.
Blanch it slightly using another pot like this before putting them into the main pot.

I added some golden mushrooms and clams, just Like the one I had at taman sentosa.
Mine was ok. Not fantastic. Not close. Just ok.

Finished off with my almond/Milo jelly and longan.
G was not too keen about the chocolate bit. His mum said his childhood was one without much chocolate. Maybe that is the reason for the lack of interest. Poor boy.

Oh and I wanted to share a little bathroom story.
I was very enthusiastic about this whole shower gel thing and before we moved in, I've already gotten our supplies for the next few years ready. (I had no idea that I had so many at that time so I just kept on buying them)
Anyway, my supplies look something Like this

Some are gifts. Many of which I bought. So as you can see, it will last us quite a while.

In order to ensure that we have a good bath experience with plenty of options, I laid them out like this for G to choose from.

However, G had only been using this one and only one.

When I kept pestering him to at least try the rest once, he said
" but baby you know I only love you when I love u right? So I'll only use one "

Ok...... Point noted. (-_-)