Monday, July 11, 2011

iPhone diary

K and I went to shunji matsuo for a haircut and a colouring job ( me )
I was very happy with the result, as usual.
I have not been doing rebonding for around 4 years and even though that means I have to spend more time on my hair everyday, I'm happy as I kinda like the big hair look on most days.
It also means that I can always get some curls at the bottom of my hair all the time Just by using the jose Eber straightener.
A rebounded hair is often too poker straight and that makes it almost impossible to style with.

G and I visited W's sister's newly TOP home at The Clift.
An amazing property at tanjong pagar.
There I was, in front of this little pool which is available at every BBQ station, overlooking the city. Now, that's some cool home to call your own.

It was one of those nights when one of us had a craving for hawker centre food.
First try of this much patronized soup stall at bedok.
It was sooooo thick and full of flavor but it was a little too much for me. I also made the mistake of adding chilli padis to it. Wrong move. Herbs and chilli are not a good match at all.