Saturday, June 4, 2011


Was reading my dear C's blog about her love for scrubbing the bathroom! I can totally identify with that except that mine is about emptying the laundry basket.

I love putting clothes into the washing machine and watching them disappear from the laundry basket! Gives me a great feeling of accomplishment and yes, it's very therapeutic too.

The other thing I quite like is vacuuming. I love watching those disgusting stuff disappear under those powerful tools and I love a hairless home where my hair drops at alarming rate.

There's one thing I'm not keen about and that's washing the dishes.

I hate the sound of clanking plates and I hate them being wet and slippery.

Ps: I'm thinking of scrubbing my sunken bath today too. Just got myself a cheap brush from cold storage and I hope it can last at least a few scrubs.

Have a good day, pretty world!

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