Saturday, June 4, 2011


S and I went for a cupcake session which was booked 3 months ago!

I think we both learnt a thing or two and we are very excited about finally being able to hold a cupcake party soon. ( when I finally get myself the oven and the electric mixer )

This is the batch of yet-to-be dressed cupcakes cooked by someone else. ( no idea who ) as ours were still baking in the oven.

Hard and heart at work.

S , creating.

Have a look at what I did to mine

The bright and cheery one.

The sprinkler with silverballs one.

The one which was supposed to be a letter "G". He later ate it :)

The ugly one. I don't really like flower sugar bits.

The one that reminds me of carebears.

The Tiffany one.

Another ugly one.

The Harry Potter one

The heart and sprinkles one

Very pleased with the results. Can't wait to host a cupcake party soon!!!