Monday, April 11, 2011


Today, while we were making our way to the promotion booth for the lucky draw redemption at expo, G turned to me and commented that its been a while since he have bought me anything LV.

i think he meant that its been a while since he have bought me another bag even on non-occasions.

the truth is, he have never stopped buying me little gifts here and there and i don't think that those gifts are insignificant at all.

in fact, looking around at what i already have, i understand why i don't feel that i lack anything at all. or maybe, i have been too caught up in all the renovation and work stuff that i just haven't had the time to sit down and wonder. i have not even gotten to the wedding preparations yet.

But, its still nice that he remembers. because i am a woman and because the typical him forgets everything so, even though i do not think about it, its nice that he does think about it sometimes. haha. i know, typical woman.

and... like what i've told him, the most important thing to me, is that he and i remains healthy so that we can spend a long time with each other.

i'm not a love expert, and looking at how everyone loves everyone and everything nowadays, "love" might have become too easy to come by. so, i'll just talk about one-true-love.
if there really is such a thing as one-true-love, i think its gotta be something quite similar to what G and i share. its comfort, its happiness and its a sense of stability. hopefully it remains this way.

Goodnight dark night. its monday again tomorrow.

how time flies... how lazy days fly past...........