Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some more food

At Milenia walk now having a soup at mos burger while G is beside me, on the iPad, doing his final research on the best led tv.

Just a while ago, we were deliberating over which tv to buy.
As we know, I'm not a very technical person. I'm not even the kind who tries to be a little more technical during times like this.
I would go for one that has good design, reasonable price. Doesn't matter if it's a smart tv which I can communicate with not.

So while he's still at it, I should upload some pictures of food.
Good food.

This is the all charming 流沙饱 and it's one of the best I've had.
Been a little crazy over these rich buns and had been trying them out whenever I step into a Chinese restaurant.
So far,the ones at eastern ocean and this one from dynasty paradise are the best.
The ones from dynasty paradise are so pretty because they are purple in colour!
The yellow filling goes very well with its purple exterior, it's a little like those pretty cakes i bake in that bakery game.

And this seafood skewer from ippudo.
The food there are really good!
I believe, G and I will be going back there for many more times to come.

Location:Temasek Ave,,Singapore