Wednesday, March 9, 2011

update on my scale of life

so we did make it to the gym and i did get myself onto the treadmill for around 20 minutes.

after waiting for G to do his 10 laps in the pool. (almost slept there because the wind was cooling and i was sleepy )

threw on his small army towel around my shoulders and off we went to explore the tiny gym.

i started with a really slow walk of a speed of 2 and gradually went up to 4. ( because G kept asking me " so slow? ")

even at 4, i was still walking instead of jogging so i turned to check out the speed that G was at because he was running very vigorously and noisily beside me.

saw that he was doing a 11 or a 12.

checked out the sweat on his face, heard him panting away and i decided that it wasn't a right time to start my own vigorous exercise. ( anyway, G was saying that no one goes from zero exercise to running like him. i agree )

so i carried on my 4 and watched Ai on channel 8 at the same time.

suddenly, felt funny.

stopped the machine, got off it and felt giddy. had a thought that it was probably motion sickness but decided to play it safe by buying an apple juice in case its the sugar that i'm lacking.

waited out the rest of the time by the pool until G came huffing and puffing back.

Its a good start i think!

i walked 1.3km and burnt 50 calories that day.

was amazed that it was that easy until G replied me

" i burnt 250 calories and thats not inclusive of the laps i did at the pool "

wellll........ not everyone want to be Xena or Incredible hulk okay.