Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today is G's bday and after dinner with his family, while on the way back, he suddenly said that it was amazing, the way we met.

To me, it is amazing how we are still together, considering the way we met and our situation at that time.

I think it's God. Yup. :)

Thank you.

So we bought a wii and a playstation 3 for us and we had some very great fun though sleepy time with it! it was 1am and we were still going on exploring it.
Playing dark kingdom with him is the funniest thing ever!
He chose the warrior where his weapon is this huge hammer while I chose Mage where my weapon is magic and spells.
It was super funny how he kept hitting the rocks or when he actually picked up one so we could throw it at the enemies when we meet them.
I think we are just a very very childish couple and everyone else may just gag to death if they see what we are really like. hahaa

We also had a go at wii where we played some boring beach games followed by bowling and tennis.
Funniest part was how we can actually create characters that look like us to represent us in the game!

Here's me losing a bowling game to him

Do we look like our wii characters???
We really think so.

G bought me my 2nd bridal magazine.

My thoughts are a little scattered now because I'm typing this post while watching the news on the catastrophic mishap in japan.
My heart goes out to them and may God bless Japan.
It's crazy how a country can actually build the foundation and it's building so well that buildings are still standing after a huge earthquake but how the after effect , the tsunami, can take all that away.
I hate to see houses and cars being washed away like that.
The people were still inside them T_T

Makes you wonder why.

It also makes you realise how lucky we are and how we should probably let "that" and "that" go.
Because life is short!!
Embrace it and just enjoy it while you can.

Japan is a beautiful, beautiful place.
I hope it pick itself up, with it's courageous people and be better than ever.