Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy valentines day

Valentines day is in a few hours and I believe there should be many excited and romantic souls right now, waiting for the clock to strike 12.

I have never been a very romantic person and I think that has alot to do with how lazy I am.

G is away in London at the moment and he will be back home around 6 days after valentines day.
If he is in Singapore, we would probably go for a simple meal. Just like every other year. Which is really fine by me but im
A little worried about how romantic we will end up 10 years down the road considering the Two of us now, pre married n all.

Ive always had high hopes about my own romanticism until recently when we are planning our wedding... The natural cannot be bothered personality of mine came rushing back and it's time I face this true practical me.

To the rest of the romantic world, I hope you have a smashing time, full of love and happiness with the love of your life :)

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