Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yesterday, there was a prompt from picasa suggesting that I upload my pictures there instead and because I frequently update from my phone, it's must easier to just do the upload directly from my phone instead of uploading it somewhere else and the copying the link so I rejected it.
After that, all the pictures on my blog disappeared, only to be replaced by a small blue question mark.
I thought that I had to quit my recording ( also known as blogging ) since no pictures are showing anyway and then, all the pictures reappeared today so I guess... No harm in continuing. For the time being.

Am into instagram of late and these are just some of the amazing effects you get when you upload your pictures onto instagram.
It's like a picture twitter and because picture tells a thousand words.

Painted my nails before cny!
I love how the gold nail polish looks like gold leaf on my fingers!

Decided to stick some crystals on my skincare because I had nothing to do.

Using the new makeup pouch for the first time.
It was a Xmas present from S!
It was high time that I threw that naraya one away.

My favourite kid looking intelligent.

The pink wall in my sisters' room is an amazing backdrop for pictures! It just makes the pictures appear brighter effortlessly and it goes well with almost all colours of clothings :)

This is my mum checking out her pictures on facebook.
She just completed her basic English course and have moved on to conversational English now.
Very cute :)

It's 人日 today, which is simply everyone's birthday!
Hope everyone remains healthy, happy and wealthy always!