Sunday, December 12, 2010

iPhone diary

There's this adorable snowman at millenia walk Which is different from all others because it looks like it's melting.
Look at it's funny gloved hands!

Max drinking his dope at the bed in mbs the morning they came over.

That was me observing for the best moment to undress and get into the pool.
Too many pAirs of eyes around plus too much fat on me placed must deliberation.

We make a damn good team.

Buffet with mint and Sherine.
Yearly affair.

Check out my ice kachang!!!
Looked better than it tasted.
You need lots and lots of sugar syrup for it to taste good.

I love love love this wall paper!!!!!
Now... Where can I find it?

My weekly drawing during meeting.

Furry jacket from uniqlo!
I love it so much for its comfort level!
But.... But... It makes me look like a bear so.... Maybe not a good idea for London, 2011,afterall.

G would coo to Max " do you know that I like you alot? " and Max would reply with a nonchalant look.Hahaha the woes of an uncle.

Christmas is just around the corner, these 3 reindeers were placed at a quiet corner.
They look alot better in real life.

Rendezvous cafe at the central.
The food were soooooo good but sooo expensive too!
Not really that worth the bucks.

Have not started using these. How can I? They are so princessy, soo unbelievably delicate!
I'll only start using is on Christmas!
Blusher, lip gloss, lip balm, body powder and a sexy pouch to go with!

G. Tan. 鸡蛋??

Am into feathers of late.

G was walking around barefooted and this is the proof.

While waiting for him....

Goodnight sugarpuffs.