Saturday, December 11, 2010

iPhone diary - mbs stay

Complimentary upgrade to the Marina suite at mbs.
It was a weekend with just too many great surprises and I was amazed that the sky pool, together with it's pleasant crowd and superb view made me feel like I was in a vacation , out of sg.

The bed and it even has it's music player meant for iPod and iPhone just beside the bed.

The huge bathroom with it's nice array of toiletries.
Both of us squeezed into the bathtub for some nice soaking that night.

Dresser which was also in the bathroom.
This gave me great ideas of what I need to do to my walk in wardrobe.

The charming walk in wardrobe.

Us dining at the sky park cafe.
Buffet selection was alot lesser but we did not have to crowd with everyone else at Rise.

Our fruits and pastries selection that morning.

Egg Benedict with a crispy exterior is not as good as the original. Ps. Christine, I thought of you when I had this! ( remember the brunch at palais Renaissance ) I miss u!!!!!