Thursday, January 1, 2009

Its gonna be a great 2009!

Happy New Year!!!!

This is sucha beautiful night!

i just came back from counting down to the New Year on the ECP with lotsa food in the car!

you see, it was an impromptu decision with Gary and before i know it, i was rushing to grab us some food while he rush over from Pasir Ris and our original plan was to East Coast beach to catch the ship flares but at the very last minute, we decided to try our luck at catching the firewoks in city hall.

as luck would have it, we managed to catch just a little glimpse here and there but it was so fun and i felt a little warmth creep up my body! its a happy creepy feeling, i can't explain it but it was amazing.

oh, and i love it when people honk at the touch of midnight. the ambience was great but Gary would have none of the participation when it comes to honking.
if it were me or Sherine or Beeling, i bet we would have honked our life away.

Here's my first post for year 2009 and many more to come.

Have a good one!!!!