Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 is coming!

You know how it is... everyone is speculating about how tough 2009 is going to be.

the most depressing one that i have heard so far is that its no longer a recession for the world is now anticipating the great depression instead.

The Great Depression.

sounds bad?

Whatever it is, let the great depression or whatever it may bring be far away from us even when it has already hit the world.

lets all remain optimistic about the coming 2009.

Through all these talks about recession and all, i have never thought of myself as being or going to be in a dire state.

i just know and believe that things cannot be THAT bad.

most of all, we must carry on believing in ourselves, remaining optimistic and being happy.

happiness attracts great things.

so, my dearest lollypops, please, always remain happy, optimistic and look forward to a wondrous 2009!!!!!

Happy 2009 !!!! ( in case i am late )