Wednesday, September 24, 2008

we all have secrets.

i was checking out post secret as usual and the secrets for this week speaks out to me a little more than the previous ones.

I think i am also guilty of this.
The fact is, there are really alot of people out there who needs help and the kinda help and listening ear which they need is very often not one off or short term.
you can save a man who is on the edge of being suicidal but the path to recovery for that someone is much longer than getting off that initial thought of self-destruction.
alot of time, care and love is needed and even after all that, it may not even be we really have the time?
then, it all comes down to the same old truth... one will have to love herself before expecting others to do the same.
if a person does not wanna save herself, the rest can only watch in sadness. ( or terror if its scary mary who calls at 3am everynight to talk about her woes )
there are people who are always waiting to be swept off by that knight in shining armor. well, everyone would love that, but the truth is, that same knight in shining armor probably have his own stuff to worry about too and i bet no knights won't be interested in someone who just wanna lay there and look dead while waiting to be saved.
ps: i wanna add that it can be a little selfish to promise the world and eternal happiness to another when you know that the truth is not really the case.
i've seen many people console another by painting the most beautiful picture and being exceedingly optimistic. unrealistic expectations will only drive the person to that deeper end of depression when the expected results are not met.

nuff said i guess.... this is specially for all those money-faces out there.
well... go ahead.... save a mountain of gold... i hope you have fun enjoying those wealth ALONE once you're done. but then again, maybe it will never be enough and you'll be trying to save more and more for the rest of your life, until its time to meet your maker.

i have tonnes to say about this.
Harry Potter, to me, is art.
if it can transport people like me, who is cynical about the rest of the world, to Hogswarts where there is only magic and Quidditch.... where wingadium leviosa actually means something... its good enough.
Hogwarts, with its clan, is a classic.
thus, it is good literature.