Wednesday, August 27, 2008

this post is about my obsession. again.

So it appears that i have moved on. to shoes, no less.

it's almost the path that every bag-obsessed dind-dong will have to take!

you begin to want the perfect bag, you try out a few which you think may be perfect, you finally found the styles that works best for you and then you get bored of bags.

and then you move on.

you move on to shoes.

please note that this is hardly a one way path. in fact, this is a path with the busiest 2 way traffic. the traffic always leads back to new bags and vice versa to new shoe again.

this is however, a path that will NEVER make you the most frugal mary-in-the-block.

now, i have fallen deep and hard in love with flats and sandals.

i love them.

they are no good for feet because being thin at the soles, they provide very little support for our useless feet.

some people thought that they are destined to wear heels their entire life because they have a problem with their height. some of them swore never to wear anything that will make them below 1.6m. but no one can resist those gorgeous flats.

pps: i need to stop buying shoes but i dreamt that i bought more tory burch and a burberry flats last night.

ppps: i am going to Vegas again this friday!