Wednesday, August 27, 2008


so i was talking about the storm that i cooked up.

my lieutenant came home happy and his colleagues commented that the food were good and that's all that matters.

nevermind that i marinated the chicken wings till almost 2am and nevermind that i woke up at 8am to cook the next morning... its always the result that matters.

I think i marinated a total of about 40 wings.
i used light soy sauce, a little dark soy sauce, lotsa oyster sauce, lotsa sasame oil, some pepper and a few eggs.

having the sweetest tooth in the household and probably the entire squadron meant that this is my favourite dish! i love almond jelly.... not too sweet.... smells great.... pretty in white....

I also baked some nuggets and fish fingers. This idiot proof dish requires little cooking talent but lotsa time and lotsa flipping around to ensure that they turn out crispy like the way they are supposed to be.

And here is my fried rice.
Having lettuce to go with the fried rice is a must in my household.
fried rice alone is a little too oily and the lettuce always balance it out perfectly.
if you haven't tried that before, try it! you may like it.

we may be having a little party at our place soon... its a little like a farewell party before we leave Tucson for good.