Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I baked 7 muffins, gotta do without the muffin tray and now, my 7 muffins have joined as one big squarish one.

synchronised swimming ( is that what you call it? ) is what i feel, the most amusing part of the olympics.
how those smarties do their dancing moves surprises me to no ends.
i can't even move much in the water even with my head above the water, in fact, my best move is swimming in the same spot no matter how hard i kick or swing my arms and they just go ahead and do those ballet moves and artistic styles soooo effortlessly.

especially that team from China with their box thing. ( making a box with their legs while their head stays under water )

maybe this is what people in the olympic business people does..... the impossible , while the rest of us non-swimmers, book-worms gape in shock.

ps: Michael Phelps looks kinda cute. i heard on the radio that he is suspected for foul. they suspect that he have Dolphins DNA.
so funny!!!!

ok, gtg cut up that big muffin to make it look like 7 once again.