Thursday, August 21, 2008


ok. now for some misc pics that i find interesting...

We were at the driving range in Tucson one sunday evening and i was just there being a total vase.
i did try to hit a ball or two but it was so boring..... i think golf is not really my thing though i rather like that set of pink golf clubs completed with pink golf bag, gloves and other golf equipments which i am not able to name.
the sky during the evening is always so beautiful.
colours and more colours!
Golf is my lieutenant's favourite sport!

Here's a cosy shot of my reliable abercrombie bag.
it accompanied me on all those flight from tucson to NY and back , holding my half-eaten sandwiches, snacks, numerous bottles of water, magazines, allowed me to kick it when i was uncomfortable in flight, stayed on my lap when i wanted to feel something...... its like my little puppy.
got it during a sale too!

This last pic will show you an insight to our household.
we are a little into rocker chicks, skulls, hearts and arrows and all that very passe, teeny bopper stuff.
we play around with pens, markers, stickers, ribbons and all.
sooo passe but soooo happy are weeeee twooooooo.

hope you guys have fun today.
i am going to have a very eventful olympics day and hopefully we see nothing of that boring tapping horse for the next 8 hrs.