Thursday, May 1, 2008

My life

There are a few people in this world whom i can never get tired of.

i met up with some of them last night and had sooo much fun though all we did was to laugh, chat, laugh,tease, laugh, laugh and laugh.

They are lovingly known as..................

miss ting ting yu li ( or so she says. the rest of us just gag when she says it. her name might be changed to cinderella soon)
miss extension ( even the blind can feel the wind from her eye-lashes! )
miss A-maths ( very good at maths but can never be a good news-broadcaster.. ZzzZzzzZzz )
miss complain queen ( she is the most complain-queen material i have seen but she is good cos she loves chen meini )
miss gone-with-the-wind ( we always say that she sway according to the directions of the wind but recently, we realised that she have changed abit. say one bad thing about her, she can rattle on non-stop for 5 minutes now... so be careful, be very careful ah)

while travelling in to sentosa, we almost drove miss a-maths mad and while i was feeling a little giddy from all the noise and everyone talking and laughing at the same time, it was immensely fun!