Thursday, April 17, 2008

lets talk

Lets talk about my latest obsession - The Desperate Housewives.

I love Lynette.
The way she believes so firmly in what she wants and what she deems as right... how she is always thinking that she may go crazy, how she protects all those she loves and most of all, i love how she defends her belief.
its kinda sad though, when people starts hating or disliking her just because because she is so real, so frank and oh so stubbon.
well, dun forget that lynette, without her sugar-coated words is the only one who dares to tell you the truth straight in your face so that you do not go on behaving stupidly. so, you don't really want to hear the truth? well, ermm... try staying away from her.
Lynette is really here to save the world.

And then, i fell in love with Susan too.
she is a goof. she is always falling over herself, falling over anything drastic that is happening, at the end of the day, she goes back to her house for some support from her daughter, Julie but at the same time, she stays strong for Julie.
She cries, she laughs loudly, she is often too pre-occupied in finding out the truth.... nevermind that the truth does not concern her one bit.
oh and i love her hair too.
its so natural, its precisely how i want my hair to be.

Christine passed me a book, the book of illusion, by Paul Auster.
I started on it not that long ago.
I am now at that part where the man-who-lost-everything-and-everyone starts writing a book about this actor whom he finds fascinating.
How he have the strength and the patience to carry on his obsession even though it requires soo much efforts baffles me.
I know that i can never do that.
I wonder where he finds his strength and purpose from.

Serena passed me 2 books for my birthday and together with the one from christine, they are my books of the moment.
I am at the part where Lara is leaving for the North soon and i can't, can't wait for the rest of the story to unfold.
she said Lara reminds her of me.
I can't really see the resemblance yet though, when Lara loves to hide in cupboards and listen to the adults talk.
When i was a kid, i pretty much slammed doors and demand to know what everyone was talking about.

can you tell that i am at yet another thinking stage of my life again?