Saturday, May 24, 2008


Its coming to 4 months since the time i've came back to sg from usa.

This picture was taken in a shopping mall in Tucson. It was inside this pet shop which we often visits.

There are always many adorable puppies there waiting to be bought and sometimes, you see new owners with them... but every time, you see lots of people in the store, oohing and aahing over the little precious.
my lieutenant and i were one of those.

i particularly like this light blue bird that is always in the store. well, there's not just one, there are a few and i thought that they were just tooo cute .. the colours.. so light... so bright, they were such a sight! And because i sometimes feel a little lonely all alone in Tucson, i sometimes wonder how nice it would be if i could get a pet to accompany me.

the bird looks like this

while the thought of having a strong dog to go bark back at that husky who lives just below our apartment seems like the sweetest idea, the thought of taking care of it scares me a little and thus, the idea of keeping that little blue bird as a pet really got stuck on my mind because it seemed really low maintenance to me.

well, i thought about having a goldfish as a pet too but they seem a tad too boring for me.

i've had tulips as my pet but it died all too soon because tucson wasn;t cooling enough.