Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Talk about missing something/someone

I just discovered that i have an undeleted blog and from there, i saw many pictures of what i used to look like.

I had really long hair then and albeit it being rather dry and unmanageable.... i still loved it.

After quitting from my previous company, i decided to go for a new look.

Its like discarding the old me and hoping that it will bring about a different feel and experience.

Its not like i do not like the old me or anything but i guess i was a little sick of how everything looked the same for so many years.

There was the occasional cutting of fringe, dying of hair and i even had the weirdest hobby of dying streaks of hair gold when i got really bored during the waiting time before my next sales appointment.

but still, the hair was forever long so it had to go.

and now, one yr into having this short hair, it has to go too.

The thing is, it takes time for the hair to grow so............ i am feeling a tad impatient about it.

But whats new?

i am always waiting around anyway.

waiting for everything and anything.

its just an additional thing to add on to my currently very long list.

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