Monday, March 17, 2008

BB cream

Since awhile ago, alot of people had been talking incessantly about the wonders of BB cream and i being the vainpot that i am, got very excited about it as well.

The first time, i tried the BRTC bb cream at Chris's Birthday chalet but it did not work out for me. It oxidised, turned a little oily and magnified my pores so i decided to stick to my Chanel base.

Today, Yvonne told me that she bought the BB cream for me from Korea and instead of the BRTC one, she got me the one from Etude house.

Etude house? very good impression. Because Song Hae Kyo endorsed it awhile back.

The best part about this purchase is that it came with so many free gifts!

My favourite is the eye mask!!! The lacy band with the little hearts makes it sucha adorable and sexy thing to wear to bed!

I've been looking around for one perfect one for the longest time and i think i just found it =)

Its not too tight, very soft and very pretty as well.

i am soo happy =))))

Next, there is this full sized pressed powder that came with it, as well as 2 other bottles and 2 small packets of stuff which i am unsure about.

The instructions are all in korean so yea........... i think i need to do a little internet research on it.