Friday, June 8, 2012

lippies again

When G went to London, he got for me these which are not sold here yet. i think YSL cosmetics will be back in SG by the end of the year but no news about Suqqu yet and its such a pity! :(

having said that, i am beyond excited about them brining in Tom Ford cosmetics at the end of the year too!

these two products below, are to me, must buys. 

Suqqu eyeshadows are perfect for those of us who loves shimmer and translucence in the eyeshadow and if i am choosing the colors in person, i may just walk away with all the eyeshadow quads!
the earth tones in a suqqu quad never go on too strong and it works well on asian eyes.
they are sold in Bangkok so its not too far away but if you are really desperate, you can order them off Selfridges!

And this is the much raved about YSL lip stain.
i was excited about it but careful to only choose 2 colors which looked like it would work for me and i am kicking myself for not getting more of them. 
these two colors complements most skin tone well ( i think )
they are very lasting and i could still see some colors after lunch. that makes it a winner because its such a bother to keep applying your lip stick.
Not a great fan of the smell of the product. ( but its something you could get used to after a few wear )

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