Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday and then omg Monday.

On the way out for lunch today!
The left eye was sore and red like anything so I had to go out in the specs again.
At this rate, I shall have no choice but to look for a nicer pair of specs so that I can wear it out more often (-_-")
G was suggesting rayban.
Yes I've always been thinking of the rayban but my idea was more for the sunglass. Hurhurhur.

Or..... I can actually get someone to put in some real lens for this! :)
I love it!!!! But so far, I'm the only one who love it. Oh! My sisters and my dearest mum too! :))

We went furniture browsing before church and made full use of the birthday voucher they sent us.

We got 2 bedside tables finally.
Been through lots of misses with the bedside table because we are simply too fussy!
Stock will be arriving on Tuesday.
Very much looking forward to it.

We've been wondering if we should get a big mirror for the living room.
Well...tough to choose whether to go for a one that rests against the wall ( huge ) or one which we will fix on the wall.

Ps: had a lovely homemade salad for dinner where I tried out my Mickey mouse food cutter for the first time.
Love it :))

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