Saturday, March 31, 2012

My vacation is over

Time flies and now im back to my lovely home again.
Really, no matter how lovely the hotel is, nothing is quite like home :)

The first thing I did after unpacking was to go for a good shower completed with a good body scrub!

I dunno if it's only me but long flights always makes me feel very dirty and dehydrated and I find it absolutely necessary to scrub away all dead skin cells and germs as much as I can.

The Penhaligo's shower gel was a birthday gift from yw and it smell just awesome! Very luxurious indeed :)
For scrub, I've been using soap and glory and the marshmallow smell never fails to perk me up :)
The scrub is very effective and it promotes blood circulation too.
I topped it off with the almond body cream from Loccitaine. It has great firming effect and it absorbs into the skin almost instantly resulting in just a soft and smooth skin after that.

Flight was more enjoyable than when we were making our way there I managed to catch a total of 5 shows! One of it was my favourite French movie.

French movies have always been one of my fondest and I either catch them on planes or on YouTube. They are often very bold in visuals and in their dialogues and that to me, is a very sincere way of making movies. It's not so much of touch and go and not so much of trying to please everyone. Very often, there are no taboo in their movies.

Today, I watched "A Happy Event" And it's about how a graduate went through pregnancy and then motherhood with much struggle as she comes to terms with the changes in her life.
It was intense!!

Often, french movies, to me, feels a little darker than typical movies so if you are only into sunshiny kinda movies then it might not be for you because they can be abit too heavy.

Off to rest a little and then pack the rest of everything.

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