Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My wedding shoes

It dawned onto me one mundane day at work that I had totally forgotten about my wedding shoes and my photoshoot was scheduled for less than 3 weeks ago.

That weekend, G and I begin the hunt for that shoe.

I thought something that doesn't show the toes would be a good idea for the gowns because it seems a little more formal.
I was also hoping to get something that I would be wearing even after the wedding.

But a peep toe would be quite a good idea for the kua which I'll be wearing for the tea ceremony.

I think G heard enough about me wanting a pair of really nice shoes for the wedding but I had known in my heart for the longest time that I wasn't going to find it in Chanel. It's simple but it looked a little too serious but I love their flats!
Still ... We went ahead to Chanel to see if we might get lucky and find something. We didn't but I had a good time checking out the earrings! :)

Next, we went to On Pedder just to check out some more shoes but I think G's heart was more on CL ones because well, I told him that the entire Hollywood wears them. Haha. Exaggeration maybe.

The first day we went, there wasn't much sizes left and I tried on quite a few pairs of those which are impossible to walk on.
The arch is so high I had a feet cramp instantly.
Then, I tried on the lower ones. Much to the horror of the sales lady. She loves the really high ones I know and so do the entire world and me but I believe I will need to walk on my wedding and the gorgeous ones are impossible to walk in.
I had to choose one. Either to have incredible shoes or to be able to walk. I had to choose the walking option.

Here are some of the beautiful but deAdly ones.

I especially love this n thinks it looks like a gorgeous dress with all those frills.

I think it also look like that shoe can dance on it's own ;)

There all about 100 pairs of this worldwide, inclusive of all the different sizes and the main shoe and the frills are made in different part of the world and then assembled.

And this, is the love of my life.

It's simple and classy and I cAn still wear it after the wedding.
It's also important to note that I can walk normally in this!

I was having doubts 30 mins before we proceeded to the store. Spending so much on a pair of shoes feels a little sinful somehow.
I think the money could be spent elsewhere so I walked past the shop twice , not really wAnting to go in but G , he was the one who convinced me that a wedding is special enough for this. I dunno how I ended up with someone like him still. :)
And after I tried the shoes in my size, I decided that I love it too much! But I love G more! He is , I dunno, just incredibly sweet most of the time.

So, here's my shoe reveal and I doubt I will spend so much on a shoe again.

The little red sole.

Off to work now.
So bleah.