Sunday, July 10, 2011


We had a lazy and recuperative (me) Sunday

The truth is, no matter how much rest I have on a Sunday, it can never prepare me enough for the start of a whole new week at work.

Breakfast started off with the 2 pieces of cake which we shared so each of us had a taste of what the other tasted like.
I think this was the store which J bought the birthday cakes from. I'm surprised that it's hidden in such a secluded area, reminds me of this candy store in NYC.
It was hidden in one of the alleys too. Except, the roads there had lotsa walking crowds. I love the feel.

The darker one which looked like it had gold dust on it is the chocolate pound cake. Might be due to it being left in the fridge for a day, it was rather dry and I think $6 a piece is too exp.
Sara lee pound cake tastes better than this I think. The soft, rich Sara lee. oh how I miss it ..

The other piece is this caramel cake which tastes really good.
Its crispy on the inside with a rich chocolate taste.

For lunch, we had a salad with whatever I can find in the fridge.
Some leftover lettuce, Japanese cucumber, onions, tomatoes, the crab leg which I bought from meidi-ya and an egg each.
Love the Japanese salad dressing which just makes everything tastes really good.
It has fine bits of roasted nuts in it and is my all time favorite.

Then, I went back to bed where I slept till around seven twenty. What a good waste of time it is to sleep through my precious Sunday.
But the body needs to rest and so it did. I hope it's happy now.
Dinner at G's favorite feifei wan tan mee. He thinks it's the epitome of wan tan mee while I don't really think much of it.
Today, I had some Yong tau foo and fried prawn role to go with it.

To a blessed week ahead. May weekend be here again in a blink of an eye. we all know how much we need that.