Monday, July 25, 2011

Hardly a week goes by before I start on another of my food post again!
The reason is .... I love to cook and I haven been doing very much of it before I moved here so now is the time to go crazy on it.

For Dinner on Friday night, we had stir-fry French bean with dried scallops and prawns.

Dou Miao with garlic. Then, sprinkled some of the fried onions my mum maid for me to go with it.

Scrambled egg with spicy pork cubes!

And I deliberately cooked more rice so while I could test if the cooker is working ok, I could also cook some fried rice for breakfast!

Fried rice with spam, fried fishcakes and egg. Again, sprinkled some dried onions on it and we are good to go.
A simple dish that is done in just ten minutes.

After going for xq's jiemei's meeting, we went for dinner at Salta. Been waiting for my yearly voucher, courtesy of my company. It was enough for 2/3 of the total bill.
I think they probably serve the best steak in Singapore.
Full of flavor and mostly melt in the mouth! ( except that I asked the waiter to get the chef to grill it some more and mine came out well done. That hurt my jaws a little )
We both had tenderloins that night as it was supposed to be leaner. Good choice for us, fast expanding couple.

It was an amazing dinner with everything that I love! ( almost )

Mussels in white wine and garlic. I love it!

My steak! Looks good already!

G with his medium

Extremely moist chocolate cake with banana ice cream.
This one, is the best chocolate dessert I've ever tried.
I was initially a little put off by the banana ice cream thing but the good thing ( or bad thing, depends on how you look at it. Haha ) is that it doesn't taste very much like bananas. Hahaha.
It's just the perfect combination for the chocolate cake.

And on sunday, we went for A disappointing gelato class organized by my company.

The coordinator went on and on and seriously, he put all the ice cream mixture into this ice cream machine that costs 35 grand.
I thought I was attending a lesson where I could actually learn to make some using simple tools.
Plus, he took too long a time talking away that he rushed through everything later part of the lesson.
We left before he was done.

Look at how sweet Eunice looks! ( you cannot tell from the pic how bored we all were )