Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ivy 姐's birthday!

We went to crystal jade for my dearest mum's birthday this year!

It was such a nice and heartwarming dinner because our favorite people were all present!

My mum was beaming from ear to ear throughout the dinner and even had a little speech at the end to announce how happy she was. Ahem. My Drama thing might be in the blood. From

Anyway, I'm
Already thinking of ways we can celebrate her bday in the coming year! Must throw a big party for her. :))

There's actually still a picture of my 5th aunt but it's just not loading on my phone thus I can't upload it.

Ps: the fruitcake was really yummy! I love fruit cakes which are generous with the fruits. This one had big strawberries! Loves ~~~~~

I wish my dearest Ivy 姐 will be healthy, happy and that she will feel at peace with everything in her life! And hopefully she slims down abit too so that she can wear a greater variety of clothes :)