Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Stayed at our place for the past three nights and decided to try out the shuttle service which will bring me to tampinese mrt station.

It was a pleasantly fast journey except that the bus parked right in front of koi so I guess my dieting plan is not going to happen. ( but there's this news about poisonous Taiwanese drinks so I might just observe for a while )

Today, G and I did not manage to wake up too early as my phone alarm failed me again.

I can see that it might not last as long as I hope it to but, just try to last till sept so that I may officially get rid of Singtel and go back to Starhub with a new iPhone 5 maybe!

So, I'm now in the train from pasir ris and the ride to outram park will take 33 minutes.

Yishun, as end of the world as it is supposed to be, reaches town in 25 minutes.

Pasir ris feels like the next country now cos it takes an entire 40 minutes by train.

All these timing things aside, I'm really loving the feel of the home.
Don't wish to get out of it everyday.
It's the perfect place to laze and waste yourself away and G just made it even more alluring by adding a player in the wardrobe and I have somehow decided to get a Kartell chair for my dresser.
( one with backing will be good )

Reason : it's acrylic so my makeup is not going to turn it into another color.

That's the best reason for getting the plastic chair. ( a look at my makeup pouch will tell you that too )

Just yesterday, when I was heading over to get myself another drink, I felt like the most blessed person in the world.

I hope it gets better and better than this.