Monday, April 25, 2011


its been a while since i've updated my entries via the laptop. I know its not christmas but i just thought that its such a nice picture =)

the blogger app on iphone is really so much more convenient i've been using that since a long long time ago.

updating pictures have been a breeze though i can never be sure if the picture is going to stay available some time down the road.... but then again, i can never be sure even if i take the trouble to upload it onto photobucket and then linking it back here.

well......... i shall just hope for the best! - even if the pictures are really gone one day, my writings might still be here =)

its coming to 1am now and i am still wide awake.

sitting alone in the living room with a newly applied leave-on mask while the rest of my family are sleeping away soundly.

i think it must have been due to the nap i took this afternoon in my new apartment.

speaking of which, i took my first nap there on the sofa!

actually, it wasn't an intended nap.... i waited for G till i dozed off. He was busy meddling with the usuals. you know, those electronic items.

my life is simple and my equipments need to be simple too.

looking at how things turned out today, i am not feeling too optimistic about having a simple life in my may-not-be-so-simple-apartment.

Just the curtain alone had me remembering 3 steps because one controller is able to control both sets of curtains while the other can only control one of the bed room.
not to mention those coded sequence which will lead to either both curtains being controlled or just one of them being controlled.
you get the drift.

i am not even starting on the apple tv, this sound system thing and the tv which is able to link things up, or is it the apple tv that is linking things up?
oh man. this is too complicated.

Lastly, certain stuff are to be controlled using the iphone. not sure which ones they are and there is a high chance i am using the manual option for everything because, remember? i want the simple life.

ok so, those teeny weeny grumbles apart, i really love how things are starting to look good and i am sooooo extremely glad i kept a seperate reno online diary. ( i don't really like the blog word because it sounds very teeny bopperish and i am almost 30. Omg, 30. )

because i have that diary, the changes are all documented and its nice seeing the difference a little paint here and there makes.
i think the main difference is really the paint work and the curtains.
i love my curtains! its a dark purple shade and it brightened everything up instantly.

ok, i'm feeling tired suddenly. not too sure why. might be that approaching 30 thing.

so, i shall give in to my body's request and go have a sweet dream.

sweet dreams to everyone else too.

i love this beautiful world =)