Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is a post about food and it is indirectly linked to work too.
How nice is it to be able to link food to work???
Only occasionally though.
But I'm contented enough about that. My bmi will tell you that too.

A business-turned-friends lunch.
Disclaimer : friendship was fostered before the lunch and not because of it.

My selection of the starters for us.
Drunken chicken, jellyfish and spicy cold cucumbers.

Fried fish.

Sample buddha jump over the wall

Cabbage with dried scallops

Friend prawn in salted egg yolk

White fungus soup dessert

Thinking of bringing ivy jie there too. Im always thinking of new places to bring my ivy Jie.
She's very fortunate but that also means that she's very busy because she have to entertain her mj and school mates too.

Another day of tea with K.
Her triple chocolate cake.

My nutty chocolate cake with the cuppachino I regretted getting.
It's extremely milky to the extent that I only tasted milk.

On closer look.

Plus two pistachio macaroons to finish off our indulgent tea break.
Ok. Now. Gotta stay focus on that weight issue.