Friday, March 25, 2011

In the blink of an eye. I'm 29. I had my 2nd celebration with my group of girls and it was as usual, a very beautiful night with my favourite people.
They make everything seem easy.
Like soul mates :)

Me and Y's bday is just 5 days apart.
One day, she will be in another country with her family and I will miss her toooooo much.
Meanwhile, we can still spend some time being silly together.
And most of all, we can still celebrate our bday together.

The rest of my gorgeous babes!!

The usual things - taking pics non stop.

What will I ever do without them?

And earlier in the afternoon, on another day when we met for dinner, S came to pass me Chelsea!

Here's Chelsea. The Chelsea who doesn't need any watering.
Now that my buddy is not in the office anymore, no one else I can rely on to do the watering for me.
I miss my buddies again. Sighz!
Ok. Shall leave that for another post.

Here's Chelsea in the paperbag

Me reading S's handmade card for me with Chelsea on my lap!
Can you spot Chelsea?

There you go. Me and my new plant, Chelsea :)