Monday, March 7, 2011

Dress and Italian

So, after booking the hotel for the wedding banquet, the next thing to do ( get out of the way ) is to check out the studios.

I did not have much free time to check out the bridal studios personally because alot of my free time were spent on renovation stuff so I did all my research on the Internet, looking through forums and the websites of the bridal companies.

Initially, Taiwanese bridal companies like 藏爱, Julia wedding news ( the company who did xiao-s wedding dress) and blue-bay seems to be offering very good packages. Reasonable rates which includes pre-wedding photo sessions in Taiwan.
Also, the gowns they provide for pre wedding is at least 4 - 5 pieces. ( I later found out that many pricier bridal studios charges more for less gowns )

Later, when I visited companies like Amanda lee, bridal veil by huimin, le grand and olive, I saw for myself the difference in the gowns. The price and package is of course, very different as well. Unfortunately.

The difference in material used is noticeable. The laces used are different too. And to me, the most glaring difference is in their evening gowns.

So I set my expectations of a bridal studio based on the kind of evening gowns they offer.

I was thinking, if the evening gowns are good, the others cannot be too far off and I hope I am right.

Tried a few pieces at legrand and one really pretty one at z wedding before deciding on le grand.

I am finally excited about my wedding. The dress makes everything looks and feel fairy-tale like.
If everything goes well, I
Might really be a princess for a day.

First gown tried at z wedding.
I love it so much!! But it looks better in pictures and on another person I think.
And because z wedding and legrand are sister companies, I later found another almost similar design at le grand which I really love.

I am most likely confirming this gown for my photoshoot.
It's whimsical, it looks like something I've always wanted to wear :)

The designer took this out for me to try. A ballerina style dress.
Very princessy, it's so gorgeous I can live in it!

So I decided to stick to quality versus quantity and am only having 3 gowns in all for photoshoot.

After signing on with le grand, we went for Italian food at La Forketta which is located in Dempsey.

I love the mussels soup and the pasta but G felt it was only alright.
He won't go back there again but I can see myself going back there again and again.

Mussels soup with white wine.

My tomatoes based pasta

G's pasta which name no one can pronounced.