Thursday, January 13, 2011

Almost made it

Its been a lazy few weeks.

Xmas holidays and then new years day and now, I'm all prepared for cny!

No longer as excited about cny as when I was little. Now, I get more excited about Xmas.

There is a certain joy in bringing joy to others. I love choosing gifts for gift exchange and seeing the reactions of the recipients though sometimes, I end up getting things that are not on top of their list. Haa.

Doing a mask right now to perk the skin up a little.
Been ages since I last did anything meaningful to it. Looking at all the skincare I have and how I never get to using them... It's no wonder how they always last me for such a long time.

Tonight, i'm using berries yogurt mask from laneige and I mixed in a little pearl powder.
Love how it leaves the translucent feel on the skin and I should start remembering to use it really!
There was a period of time when I mixed pearl powder with almost all my skin care and it did do wonders to my skin. Or so I believed. Best to get back to routine as time ticks by. Sigh!!

I dunno how I did it. This is only my 2nd tube of scrub from Lamer since 4-5 years ago!
Did I really use the previous one for so long???
And was it meant to last that long?
I left it aside for a few weeks/months at a time and then come back to use it again.
Will finish up this tube sooner

Had a good deal for this favourite through one of our tenants.
Can't wait to taste it during our cny reunion dinner perhaps!

Presents for Max, chosen by aunty B, from uncle G.
Hope he love the bubble as much as his aunty B.