Monday, November 15, 2010


Was at watson's today. (again)

After bringing in all those Japanese products, it's about the most interesting stores around now.

This is a box of hand mask. I think I need it.
I look about 35 if you just look at my hands.

Hada has taken the ladies world by storm.
Although it's lotion did not sweep me off my feet entirely, I decided to try out the mask.
Just in case it's superb and I miss it....
Very kiasu I know... Cannot help it you know!

And this!!!
When I was in Tokyo in march this year, bought this curling tong there which dried up my hair by at least 50% and with no good conditioner to use, I went to one of their drug stores and got the red bottle.
In Tokyo, I did not see any explaination on usage in English so I picked one that had the only comforting English word I knew, "shiseido"

It's one of the best conditioner I've used so far. Until I tried this today! ( for damage control )

It softened my ends and made those split ends almost non existent.

Smells like heaven too.

Will buy it every single time from now onwards.

Goodnight beautiful world.
May I sleep soon.
So not sleepy but work is gonna be eArly tomorrow!