Monday, October 18, 2010


It's that ghostly time of the year again!

This year's theme is "school" and since I was already the dead school girl last year, i have decided to be something else this year.

Few options here ;

1) music teacher ( what kinda props do I need to distinguish myself as a music teacher and not just any other teacher?)

2) discipline mistress ( props should be easy but isn't that a little too common? )

3) npcc kid. ( I'll need one npcc uniform right? Where and is that gonna look nerdy? Can I make do with one of those kinky police outfit ? )

4) cute student ( something different from last year would be to tie this sweet big bow on the head + let down my hair + tong it a little but is that too cutesy? )

Too many things to think through.

Will start tomorrow.

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