Monday, August 30, 2010

My lovely day

Had lots done today !
- Met Elaine to go over G's crazy messy portfolio
Of insurance.
- went to church and did not doze off this time.
- drove from suntec city to orchard and walked from
Ion to takashimaya and back.
- went for dinner at one of my favourite teochew restaurant. ( but the stomach feels a little queasy now .... )
- went for a 2 hour ktv session with Gary at yishun safra.
and now... Back at home, lying in bed with a head of wet hair.

It's been a good, good day. Another one of those days when I feel blessed to have found someone who's willing to entertain me and who actually looks happy doing all that silly stuff with me.

Next up is my Taiwan trip with my mum, cousin and aunties.
A really last minute trip where I exhausted all my remaining annual leaves for!
I'll be gone for just 6 days.