Sunday, July 25, 2010

iPhone diary 3

The day we touched down from bkk, went with a feverish max and Garys family for high tea buffet at one of the hotels. ( can't remember which one )

At a coffee shop in bedok on a sunday morming .Max wasn't really crying. He just wanted some attention. so cute.

Standard expression whenever Max was carried by his uncle Gary. I guess he did not like him very much then. Things are better now. Max grabs Garys toes when G is sound asleep.

A card holder my sister bought from Taiwan.

A earring spree organized by jenny's fren. I bought so many I am not quite done with them even till date.

After work in Northpoint, with my mum. Trying on a pair of Agnes B specs. It has a single silver star at the side of it. Got that in the end. Wears it when I'm in the mood. Which is not always the case.

Just woke up. Trying on the new specs. Looked quite terrible. Why is there a slight tint to the glasses?

Full make up done. In work clothes. With glasses. Why is the tint still there ?

My mum and I. In the lift. On our way to northpoint again. My mum looks good for her age!

Roaming around. We landed ourselves at this ulu macdonald. Hair was in a neither straight nor wavy stage. It got better along the way.