Monday, May 24, 2010

Paris and London May 2010

this is a pic after the 14hr flight.
we went to get some dinner and then the guys have to catch the flight back to sg while we carry on our holiday.

i'm standing at the street that is just ahead of Westin where we stayed.
we could see this huge park and the Effiel tower from the balcony of our room and Lourve museum is just walking distance too.

you can see chairs around this water feature and this is where people sit around to soak in the sun a little.
It was still very cold during the day time and when the sun is out, the temperature gets more bearable.
i guess the parisians are a little bored of the cold already.
ps: i was freezing in my denim jacket.

yes, it was very cold.

i love all these sculptures that were just lying around everywhere.
do you think they get up to walk and stretch a little when no one is watching?

Angelinas which was just 5 minutes walk from our hotel serves the best hot chocolate and cakes!!!
macarons too!!!!!!
Jet lag was still acting up on me and i found myself in bed very often for the first 2 days.
not the best travelling companion indeed.

This is the view from the balcony with Effiel tower in the background and this is unfortunately, the few pics that i have of the tower in daytime.