Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The family day

The actual day of my birthday was celebrated with my very-happening-family.

We had intended and planned like a week ago, to go to a korean restaurant in liang seah street for the dinner but due to my youngest sister taking forever to prepare and also the fact that i was supposed to be at my aunt's place after dinner for the cake cutting, i suggested going to my uncle's "zhi-cha" at yishun instead.

save time and we all do not have to rush here and there like little busy ants!

We had a total of 7 dishes, a birthday treat from my sister, WW, the supermodel.

I love the crabs and the vegetables!

after that, we went straight to Swensens at Northpoint for some ice-cream, a birthday treat from my sister, Ida, the-one-who-took-forever-to-be-ready.

I had been celebrating my birthday for 4 days straight!!!

So busy, so fun!

We only have one group pic and it turned out blurry but because it is the one and only, i will still post it up =)

Better blurry than never!

This marks the end of my 26th birthday and even now when i am 26 years and 2 days old, i still feel like i am 21.

tsk tsk.